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WWII Historical Timeline


Adolf Hitler orders Hermann Göring to reinstate the Luftwaffe 1935  Adolf Hitler and Hermann Göring
Bf109 - December 1936 1936 Condor Legion aids General Franco in Spanish Civil War
German and Italian bombers destroy most of the Basque city of Guernica 1937 Guernica bombed
Bf110 - late 1938 1938 Here come the Zerstörer
1st September Germany invades Poland: Outbreak of Second World War 1939 Invasion of Poland
The British Expeditionary Force escape from Dunkirk in late May    British soldiers at Dunkirk
He111 over London   Hitler cancels Operation Sealion after Battle of Britain
Operation Barbarossa June 22nd   Operation Barbarossa Germany invades Soviet Union
Fw190 - August 1941   The RAF mistake Fw190s for captured P-36 Mohawks
its the Me210!
  Me210 - April 1942
B17s over Europe   USAAF's Eighth Air Force begin daylight bombing raids over Europe
Oct 23 - Nov 3 Second Battle of El Alamein   El Alamein
Me 410 - mid 1943   Phew!
its the Me410
On the night of July 29 Hamburg attacked by over 700 RAF bombers.   Operation Gomorrah - The bombing of Hamburg
The Luftwaffe gets the bomber its been waiting for...   Me262 - June 1944
Me163 - 1944   The one and only rocket propelled fighter of the war
The Fw190 gets longer...   Ta152 - October 1944
1st January Luftwaffe lose 277 planes attacking allied airfields   Operation Bodenplatte
Do335 - 1945 1945 The ultimate prop fighter
8th May German armed forces surrender unconditionally   Soviets take Berlin